Today’s Remembrance

Mike and I went to New York in 2015 and we had the opportunity to visit the Memorial with our Daughter Charolette. First I want to say that the Memorial honors Veterans is a really wonderful way and we want to thank them for their service as well. Mike was in the Coast Guard during this terror Attack and although he was not in New York, his fellow Coastguardsmen did an Amazing job serving their Country and we are proud of them. Our visit was bittersweet like most would expect. The anticipation walking to the site of the unknown filled most of our thoughts, but the arrival and instant feeling I cannot describe.

Where something so unGodly touched our lives, pure evil once happened, now is this beautiful, peaceful and breathtaking site. From the water memorials where the towers stood surrounding by names of the lost, to the entry way of the new building encasing the twisted and almost unrecognizable metal that once secured the tower in place it was hard to imagine that anyone would survive.

As we walked the memorial, it seemed as if it was as bad as one could imagine and then you’d find another piece of what once was someone’s daily life, a pole, stair well, beam, Firetruck, engines to the plane, – they were all almost unrecognizable. As we rounded out the visit, we felt a deep sense of shock and awe but nothing compared to the next turn.

The wall of the unrecovered lives. This is a beautiful and colorful tiled wall from top to bottom and reminds us that no day will ever erase the memory or existence of a life, and protects those lives which were lost but unable to be found and recovered. This is the breaking point in which any human would break down, and we were no different. Pictures of those lost, missing posters, and a room where absolute silence is a must to listen to the voices of loved ones tell us about their friend or family member that was lost. Life Remembered and not Lost, not erased.

New Yorkers get a bad rap. Yes, New York is loud and never sleeps. It can be dirty on the streets but that’s what you get with Millions of Tourists daily. The cab drivers drive crazy so just close your eyes. New Yorkers are to the point so don’t expect a pep talk from them, but they are Amazing, Diversified, Resilient and welcoming. This is not a huge island, it’s smaller than most towns I have been too in the Midwest, but two large plans attacked their two largest buildings and thousands of people died and yet New Yorkers didn’t divide. They band together and Loved One another as themselves.

I never felt unsafe in New York and I felt doubly appreciative to be an American while at the Memorial.

God Bless America!

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